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Church history

Nest Worldwide Ministries began in 2003 in response to God's call to enlarge our Ministry.

This allows us to incorporate the branch churches under the Ministry of the Team that God has drawn to Pastor Raja Kumar.

Pastor Raja Kumar founded the Zeal of Gospel church January 27th 1991, in Bangalore.

He says "We began with a building constructed of coconut leaves. but this was a time of much blessing and joy". He contuined that when it rained the church would literally fall in and there were many rats inhabitting the area. People would come along and experience the miracles of God and numbers increased day by day

In 1994 the church was able to provide more substantial premises, but the roof was still made of coconut leaves.

When people who were sick came to the building God proved to them that he was real by healing them. This was a time of great excitement and many people were set free to find the love of Jesus Christ.Many poor people came and found hope that had been missing from their lives.

In 1996 Zeal of Gospel moved into new premises, which was given to the church. However, the family of the churches patron objected and the church was knocked down at the end of 1999.

All this time the church continued to grow in numbers. more and more people came along.It was during this time that Pastor Raja Kumar's wife died. It was a time of much heartache.

The church then had to move to the Pastors house, where services are held on the roof. Unfortunately there is not enough room and the church holds two services one in the Tamil language and the other in Kanada the local language of the state of Karnataka.

They are looking to build on an extra room so that they can run a Sunday School for the children in the area, but at present they are unable to meet the demand as there are so many children wanting to attend.

Still God continues to bless the church and they are looking for a larger building to be able to continue to grow as God brings people into the services.

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