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The Senior Minister and Founder of Nest Worldwide Ministries, Raja Kumar, tells his story

" I was born and brought up in a Hindu family. We believed in all the gods of our religion, and worshipped them too. I was like a "normal" man in this belief. Though God's fear was brought upon us in our younger days, day by day, as I grew older, the pleasures of the world drew me closer and closer to a place where the fear of God left me. "

"Tragedy struck my home life. I lost three children, one after another, which put me in a more confused state of mind than ever."

"By this time, I had been working in a 5 star Hotel for fifteen years, but nothing worked in bringing peace to our family. One day I happened to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. "

"This touched my heart. I gave a lot of thought to the Good News, and I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal saviour, master and Lord. The peace and joy that I had been searching for all my life I had eventually found in Jesus! Not only did I find peace and joy, but the Lord blessed my wife and myself with a son and a daughter."

"Later, I received the call to full time ministry.

This delighted me and I am now working full time for the Lord in His Ministry, praise be to Him! Over the years, the Lord has been faithful and has expanded our ministry in several different places."

"I am happy to say that our children have committed their lives to the Lord and have given their lives to the call of God to be a major part in the future ministry of the Lord."

Yet even death cannot separate you from His love and His work. On 22nd May, 1997, my beloved wife and partner in the work of the Lord, entered into Glory to be with her Lord. Though I lost the right hand of my ministry and have faced many problems, the Lord is gracious in carrying me through."

"We are working hard for the Kingdom and God is blessing the work of our hands with growth, and we are most grateful to all our friends around the world who cover this work with their most valuable prayers."

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