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Social Projects

The role of the church has always been to help the poor and vulnerable of society, today the church is fulfilling the call of God to meet people in their need. Nest Worldwide Ministries has several projects that bring comfort and relief to those in need.

The projects on our heart are:

Children's Home for Orphans

It was the desire of my beloved wife, and myself, after we had lost our three children, that we should start a children's home to house orphans, drop-outs, single mothers, and children in forced labour and street children. We would like children to grow up in a safe and loving home where they can experience what it is to be cared for.

Children wherever they are born deserve the chance to make something of their lives and Nest Worldwide Ministries is looking for partners to help give children a chance in life.

As the church grew Pastor Raj realised that the distances involved were too great and therefore decided to give the church to his friend Reverend Norman Bhasker, an Assemblies of God Minister.The Church there continues to thrive under the leadership Reverend Bhasker.

Ministry to poor and needy

Nest worldwide ministries, help the children of poor or needy families cope in a changing world. We supply school books and school fees. We also help by providing clothing for children including school uniforms. There are many families in the villages that we serve who need a helping hand.

People don't want a hand out they just want a helping hand to face life and to start them on the journey to independence and a better life.

Home for the Elderly, especially widows

This ministry is the heart's cry of many old people who have no one to care for them or support them. Many widows and mothers who are not cared for by their families need a shelter, a place where they can find peace, love and affection in their last years, months or days.

We have planned to start an old people's home with a difference, where people are cared for till the last second of their lives. We will provide a home for people with calm and quiet surroundings, good food and a deeper spiritual feeding from the word of God. This we believe will help people to be ready to meet their Lord as they are called home or when the Lord comes in his glory.Nest worldwide Ministries is praying for partners to give widows and the elderly peace in the winter of their life.

Rehabilitation Centre

Alcohol and Drugs are two weapons that Satan is using to ruin many lives and they daily destroy the precious young lives. Many people are desperate to get away from drugs and alcohol addiction, but do not have the strength. What a sad and helpless condition many people have to live in today. They seem to have no hope and no future.

We, who are Christians have a duty to help all who are addicted be set free by the power of the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, we plan create a home for such people in a rehabilitation centre and to help them dicover a better way of living and find hope and a future.

Nest worldwide Ministries is praying for partners to help addicts find hope and a future.

Project Partners

We see our partnership not as a legal commitment but rather as two hearts being joined together in the work of God. This heart commitment is based on trust and transparency, and of course faith in the God who seals the partnership

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